Admission Arrangements

Student places at Horizon school are commissioned by the Local Authority and places are given to students who are registered with a mainstream school. All placements are time limited and range from 12 weeks to 3 terms. The length of placement varies according to the Route the student is placed on.

Referral process

Mainstream schools complete an Inclusion Service referral form together with a consent form from parents/carers and submit these to the Local Authority. Referrals are then sent to Horizon school where we have 15 days to respond to the Local Authority via the MEG panel. The MEG panel will then send a ratification letter to the mainstream school and Horizon School if our provision is agreed.

Induction process

Once we have received ratification, we will contact the mainstream school to arrange an Induction meeting with the parent/carer, mainstream school representative, student (Secondary age) and any other professionals working with the student. All Induction meetings are held by the Headteacher and a School Engagement Practitioner. A Personalised Action Plan for the student is co-produced at the Induction meeting and forms the foundation of support at the beginning of the placement.