Attic PRU merged with Harbour PRU, Old Warren House and First Base on 1
st September 2021 to become ‘Horizon School’.  All settings were inspected as Good via Ofsted. We have not been inspected yet as Horizon School (URN 140121). 

OFSTED Inspection 2016 Final 

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OFSTED visit to The Attic Report 

Though these 3 schools have now closed as part of the merger, their last Ofsted reports can be found: 

Ofsted | Harbour  

Harbour Ofsted Inspection 2016 final 2604685 (ofsted.gov.uk) 

Ofsted | First Base 

First Base Short Inspection 2019 50061377 (ofsted.gov.uk) 

Ofsted | Old Warren House School 

Old Warren House Short Inspection 2016 2614607 (ofsted.gov.uk) 

Ofsted Visit to Old Warren House 50156011 (ofsted.gov.uk)