The PE and sport premium is designed to help pupils get an active start in life, supporting primary schools improve the quality of their PE, physical activity and sport provision so that pupils experience the benefits of regular exercise. This results in pupils becoming healthier both emotionally and physically, to improve behaviour and academic achievement.

It is intended to use the premium in establishing/maintaining and extending opportunities to participate in PE and Sport in as sustainable a way as possible.

The Budget

As a new school Horizon Primary funding for eligible pupils for the first time in the academic year 2021 – 2022 is based on the Autumn 2021 school census.

Horizon school sports premium fund is         £13,000.

The first payment will be issued 28.2.22 is   £7583.

The next payment will be issued 29.4.22 is  £5417.

  1. These figures are awaiting confirmation.

Key objectives of the premium

  • Engage pupils in regular physical and healthy activity.
  • Raise the profile of PE and Sport across the school as a tool for whole- school improvement.
  • Increase confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff teaching PE and/ or sport.
  • Create a broader experience and range of sports offered to pupils.
  • Increase participation in competitive sports
  • To provide access to community leisure facilities/ clubs and their instructors.

Horizon School Intentions

  • Provide staff access to training and Inset to raise awareness and skills to improve the quality and range of learning experiences in PE lessons and other sporting activities/ opportunities at Horizon Primary.
  • Acquire additional resources to enable greater variety in the content of PE lessons reflecting the age of pupils attending Horizon.
  • Purchase additional resources to encourage pupil engagement in physical activity at non-structured times on the school premises.
  • Replace substandard, existing equipment to enable a continuation and extension of current physical/ sporting provision.
  • Allow for the continuation and extension of curricular opportunities in the community.
  • Arrange for instructors/coaches from the community to provide additional sporting opportunities for Horizon school pupils.
  • Initiate (after investigation), a programme of Swimming for identified pupils attending Horizon Primary.


Currently swimming is not on the Horizon school PE curriculum, lessons being made available at pupils’ dual registered mainstream schools.

It is the intention (with funding) to investigate the opportunity for identified pupils to access swimming at Horizon.

Evidence for our year 6 cohort is therefore not currently available.

How will the PE and Sport premium impact on pupils at Horizon school?

We hope that use of the premium will:

  • Improve awareness of the importance of physical and emotional wellbeing and fitness and the positive effect that exercise has on Mental Health
  • Improve Physical fitness of pupils by providing additional opportunity of physical activity.
  • Improve self- esteem and resilience.
  • Strengthen pupils’ ability to engage positively with each other.
  • Improve the confidence of pupils who would not normally want to be involved in being active.
  • Raise awareness of what sports are available to pupils in their local community.
  • Participate in a range of new, varied sustainable activities.