Staff Testimonials

I have worked for Horizon School for just over 2 years and can honestly say it’s a great place to work.  The support from colleagues and senior staff is invaluable and there is always somebody to listen if you want to bounce ideas off or just let off steam.  I have completed 2 qualifications in my time at Horizon and have been supported fully throughout. 
Family is important to us all at Horizon and work life balance is treated very seriously.  There are no early starts or late finishes and our wellbeing is considered key.
Generally we are a great team and I would not hesitate to recommend Horizon School to anybody as a place to work and grow.
KT February 2024 

In my many years as part of the Horizon School team I have been compassionately supported to progress my role through two maternity leaves and other big life events. I feel valued and that my managers are committed to my progression not only for my own career but also to allow the students of Horizon School access to a really thought-out and inclusive offer of education. I think that this offer centres around engaging staff in CPD that has a direct impact on the day-to-day running of the school and that we are supported to be the best that we can be and that this filters directly to a positive impact on our students. I feel proud of my work here and am excited for my own future within Horizon School. – CM